BinFresh is your local #YQL curb-side cleaning specialist servicing Lethbridge, & surrounding areas offering garbage, recycling & compost bin cleaning & sanitizing as well as driveway & deck cleaning, mobile pressure washing, home exterior washing & more. Contact us today to find out about BinFresh in your area!

Our 5-Step Process

Book your Cleaning

Welcome to Binfresh! Please use our booking form, email us directly or call Kevin at 403.634.BINS and we will schedule a cleaning at your home immediately.

Pre-Clean Prep

Please ensure your chosen bins are empty, visible, and prepped for your cleaning. Upon arrival, we will also inspect the bins and remove any loose debris or residual contents.

Pre-Clean Treatment

Upon arriving at your home we will treat the bins with a natural and biodegradable spray-on cleaner and a quick pre-rinse to help loosen some of the bacteria and prep for wash.

Having a Blast

Once prepped our truck secures your bins into place and immediately begins our high-pressure spray arms that easily blast every bit of bacteria and grime from your bins.

Disengage and Disinfect

We don't just wash them, once the spray process is completed we finish with a high quality scented disinfectant to help keep the bad bacteria away till your next cleaning.

Keeping you Fresh

Once the previous steps are completed we return your bins to their previous location. Your bins are now super clean and super fresh! Thank you for choosing BinFresh!

Our Services

  • Garbage, Recycle, Organics Bin Cleaning
  • Home & Exterior Washing
  • Driveway & Deck Cleaning
  • Eavestrough Washing

Please contact us in regard to any custom services, such as Commercial, heavy equipment, truck fleet, and building washing (office, shop, drive-thru washing, etc.).

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Our Pricing


One Bin


Two Bins


One bin cleaning each month for 6 months


Three Bins


All custom pressure washing will be quoted at request.

*Cleanings are required to be monthly to recieve discounts.
Please note: We can't operate our bin washing service on days when the temperature is below 0 degrees as hot water and plastic won't work well in low temperatures.

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